Not All Mining Data Integration is Created Equal – Part 2

In part 2 of this article series, Sean Hunter, Director of Product Development at Eclipse, provides technical insight into achieving true mining data integration In the first installment of this two-part articles series, we learned about the different types of data integration and why achieving true integration is so important in the mining industry today […]

Data ontology and knowledge graphs have incredible potential for the mining industry. Here’s why

Miners are sitting on terabytes of data without reaping its full benefits. Ontology can change that Written by Ari Joury, Ph.D. Data ontology and knowledge graphs are tools to make sense of raw data. In your company, you might be storing data about mines, customers, and business processes in various formats based on various concepts. […]

Not All Mining Data Integration is Created Equal – Part 1

There’s more to true mining data integration than meets the eye… Eclipse sat down with its Head of Strategic Alliances, Barry Henderson, to gain his insights. Data integration is a hot topic in mining at the moment. While there are many benefits to be gained, including increased systems interoperability and less siloed ways of working, […]

Critical Data Access in Tailings Dam Risk Mitigation

Risk-Informed Decision-Making (RIDM) is a term used in dam safety to refer to decisions made taking into account risk estimates as well as other contributing factors such as confidence in the risk estimates, risk uncertainty, deterministic analyses, overall dam safety, as well as other local or regional considerations. The risk estimate is then used to […]

To build or buy? Getting ahead with mine data platforms

Susan Wick and Sean Hunter dispel some common myths about in-house mining data platform development and examine alternatives for sustainable organizational performance. If data is the new oil, then mining companies need a system to manage that flow throughout their organizations and deliver value to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. The imperative is well […]

Insights that younger generations can offer the mining industry.

The mining industry is shifting towards greater Environmental, Social, and Governance compliance. Coupled with new technologies that are driving data analysis in mines, the mining industry looks very different today. Read on to learn about how hiring millennial and Gen-Z employees can help ensure your mine is ready for the future. From greater ESG (Environmental, […]